Online Lessons

Alexander technique, although usually involving touch, can also be taught through online lessons

Alexander Technique is not just about posture and “correct” movement,  it is about being aware of what you are doing. A lot of our life is governed by habits, which is useful in many ways, but it does mean that we are not always consciously making a choice. Sometimes we are ‘stuck’ in ways of moving or reacting that are contributing to our pain or stress.

Alexander Technique helps us to bring our habits up into our awareness so we can choose to keep the helpful ones, and start to change the unhelpful ones.

‘I have been learning Alexander Technique online from Mireille since lockdown began. It’s been a wonderful journey. As I have hypermobility, I have many habits which, in the long run, make my joints achy. I have found these lessons have taught me techniques to lessen the stress and aches. Mireille gives excellent verbal cues which helped me visualize what my body should be doing. It’s been a joy to work with her! Now that I’m back to work, I hope to use these techniques to be more comfortable in my everyday work life.’  Heidi

Alexander Technique on-line lessons can address:

  • Movement. Do you move as freely as you would like? Does pain interfere with you taking exercise? What can we change about how you move to make it more comfortable? You may only be able to cope with a tiny amount of movement each day, or you may run marathons, but different movement inputs can be helpful for everyone. Alexander Technique excels at finding different ways of movement that help you to feel at ease and reduce pain.
  • Body-mapping: Do you have an accurate map of your body and how it moves? Even if you know anatomy quite well this does not always translate into knowledge in yourself. Small changes in how we imagine our bodies move and work can make big shifts in how comfortably and efficiently we use ourselves.
  • Breathing: where do you breathe from? Do you breath hold or breathe shallowly when in stressful situations? Alexander Technique can help you use your breathing positively in response to pain and stress.
  • Understanding your pain or condition: Pain is a very strange phenomenon, and getting to grips with how it works (probably not quite how you think! see more here), can be an incredibly helpful part of recovery.
  • Stress management: what is a useful level of stress for you (it’s not all bad!) and how can you keep it within bounds you can cope with long-term? What tools do you have to cope with stress?

I would love to help you via Alexander Technique online lessons.

Please do get in touch for a chat about your needs and goals.

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