Back Care For Life Course

Pace Yourself with the Alexander Technique

Have you tried all sorts of therapies and exercises, but still have back trouble?

Do you know what really helps your back long-term?

Have you been told to just live with back pain, or been given exercises to do, but they don’t really help?

Self-care and stress management, along with gentle movement is the best approach to managing back problems long-term.

Alexander Technique is a great way of looking at the mental and physical together. This, combined with a little of the right information, can give you what you need to look after yourself. Alexander Technique was shown to be very successful in helping chronic lower back pain in a large NHS funded trial. See here for more.

This course is a series of small group  (maximum 5 ) interactive workshops in a friendly atmosphere using hands on demonstrations on how to apply Alexander Technique in everyday life. You will also get one-on-one sessions.

I aim to give you the basics of long term back care, based on the evidence of what really helps people with chronic or recurrent back pain.

This great value course includes:

2 Individual lessons of  1 hour

6  one hour workshops at The Practice Rooms, Norwich.

Two additional individual sessions  – 20 minute slots before and after each group lesson available.

Group sessions to start in October TBC (individual lessons from mid September onwards)

Total course cost TBC

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“Being a helicopter pilot, back pain is an inevitably part of the job description. Having been to see Mireille, the structure and instruction of the sessions has put me in the best possible place to reduce my work place back pain. I would highly recommend Mireille for teaching the correct posture and mindset for any body pain. She is extremely calm, professional and knowledgeable in this field of pain management. I cannot thank you enough Mireille for your help and support and look forward to a continued assistance in the long term pain management regime.”

“With all the techniques Mireille has taught me the pain has reduced but within the last couple of weeks I have had no pain at all for the first time in five months, even with all the horse riding and horse care I have been doing, I have been completely fine. I can highly recommend giving the Alexander Technique a go! Thankyou Mireille.”


Group Dates at The Practice Rooms, Norwich

weekday and saturday October 2109 tbc

Individual lessons

You will have your two 1 hour individual lessons before group sessions start. These can be on a day and time to suit you, but I recommend you do them in the 2 weeks before the group course starts.

To book, just call or email me directly:


Phone: +44 (0) 7584908083

I want to make quality help for back pain available at an affordable price point.

I know many of you will have spend a lot of money on many different therapies in the past. My aim is that by the end of this course, you will have the tools to care for yourself. And if you still need a little extra care, you will have a clear idea of the type of help you need and the changes you need to make to feel better long term.

This course is based on Alexander Technique, but it is also there for you to learn about all the factors that can help your back pain. Bring your curiosity and questions!

In order to help you best I need to to do some of the work with you individually. You will have your 2 hour long lessons before the group sessions start. This way you will get a lot more out of group sessions.

In the meantime why not try an individual lesson for half price to see what its all about?

To book, just call or email directly:


Phone: +44 (0) 7584908083

Or come along to one of my workshops

Learn more about Alexander Technique and how it can help you here

More about me and my approach here

Is This Course Suitable For Me?

We will be doing some gentle movement, but this isn’t an exercise class, so it is suitable for most people. I can make adaptations for your individual needs, the individual lessons first give you the chance to let me know anything you have concerns about.  However, please ring me for a no pressure, confidential chat to see if the course is suitable for you.

Phone: +44 (0) 7584908083