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Bodymapping helps you understand how your body works to allow you to use it in the best way possible. Each week we will look at a different area of the body and how you can use it in an optimum way to help your whole body function well. This involves a little anatomy, but learning to apply that knowledge to your own body and how you move is what’s important.

‘Worked with Mireille on a 6 week course, what a wonderfully patient, informative and instructive experience. Mireille gives gentle and useful advice, as well as therapeutic hands on experience which gently guides you in learning about the Alexander Technique. I would whole heartedly recommend.

Sue Johns

Moving with ease also involves paying attention to your mental state: stress will make you tighten up and this affects your balance and freedom of movement.

Learning about your body in this way can help you get more out of your yoga or gym sessions. Even everyday activities such as walking, cleaning the house or sitting become easier when we know more about how our bodies work!

I teach the Alexander Technique -Bodymapping is just one aspect of how this method can help you. Any questions? Please get in touch!

This series of  6 workshops gives you an overall view of how your body works.


Head and neck – balancing the head

The shoulder – an underused joint

The back – spinal curves, and the myth of the ‘core’

The hip and pelvis – sitting, bending

Knees and ankles – balancing and walking

The torso – breathing as part of how you use your whole body.

First workshop free

£50/ 6 workshops (any day/type)




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Life Skills with the Alexander technique

We all have lots of unconscious habits about how we do things. For instance do you always hunch over to use your phone? Maybe you think your posture should be better, but when sitting at your desk you yo-yo between sitting up straight and slumping. Is cycling setting off back pain? Maybe it is something about how we do things that makes them more difficult and sometimes painful.

In these workshops we look at a different topic each time and see how we can move or do things differently to make it more comfortable, efficient and just easier. Come along with your ideas, this group is for you to explore what is of interest to you.

We will also do an “active rest”session  each time- a useful tool for managing pain, stress, and undoing muscular tension. I will give you all the information you need to practice this yourself.

If you have had a few Alexander Technique lessons before this will help you apply your skills and keep it as part of your life (you already know how useful that is). If you are new to the technique: come along – you only have your bad habits to lose!

At the The Practice Rooms

Saturdays (Life Skills with Alexander Technique, monthly)Saturday

14th December   10-11       In The Red Room

Carrying well – how to use yourself well when carrying weights – From shifting heavy boxes to shopping bags.

Saturday 18th January   10-11 in the Red Room

Healthy Use of mobile phones

Saturday 15th February 10-11 in the Red Room

Driving without the stress and pain

Saturday 21st March 10-11 in the Red Room

Gardening without the backache


Workshops:  First workshop free!

£10 each or 6 for £50 (any day/type)

Spaces limited to 5 people. Please text or email (or use form above) by the day before to book your place. I look forward to seeing you!

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