Exploratory chat                                15 minutes                                                   FREE

First lesson and assessment (online/in person)    1 hour 15min                            £90 £60

Includes a written personal assessment of your needs and all the information you need to get started with Alexander Technique.

Single Lessons online                      50 min                                                             £50

Single Lessons in person                45  min                                                             £50

Block of 8 (payment in  advance)  online/in person                                        £400 £350

All lessons include support materials, including written and audio. You will get tailored ‘homework’ to help you progress with your learning .

I can provide intensive courses at a further discount at times to suit you.

30 minute lessons available for lunchtime lessons or when required for certain health conditions

For workshops, or shared lessons for up to 3 people in person/online, please contact me for further details.