Get unstuck with Alexander Technique online lessons

  • Do you feel stiff and tight? 
  • Does pain interfere with enjoying exercise? 
  • Are you uncomfortable sitting for long periods?

A lot of our life is governed by habits, which is useful in many ways, but it means sometimes we are stuck in ways of moving or holding postures that are contributing to our pain.

Alexander Technique helps us you to bring your habits up into your awareness so you can choose to change the unhelpful ones.

I can help you find different ways of moving, and different ways of maintaining good posture, that give you a life with more ease and less pain.

I have been learning Alexander Technique online from Mireille since lockdown began. It’s been a wonderful journey. As I have hypermobility, I have many habits which, in the long run, make my joints achy. I have found these lessons have taught me techniques to lessen the stress and aches. Mireille gives excellent verbal cues which helped me visualize what my body should be doing. It’s been a joy to work with her! Now that I’m back to work, I hope to use these techniques to be more comfortable in my everyday work life. 

Heidi, Veterinary Surgeon

Alexander Technique on-line

How it Works

If you are ready to start changing those habits: just go ahead and book your introductory lesson using the link below!
Want to talk it through first? Book a call

Start here!

Alexander technique,  2017

Introductory Lesson

  • 1 full hour lesson, includes a written assessment
  • Required to progress to single lessons or the 6 lesson plan
  • Worth £80, but I only charge £40


THEN move onto one of the following 3 options


Single Lesson

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Single, effective forty-five minute lesson
  • Requires an introductory lesson first


Alexander technique,  2017

6 Lesson Plan

  • When we’re both happy after your introductory lesson you have the option to buy your 6 Lesson Plan
  • A structured course to give you a set of skills, but personalised to you and your needs
  • 6 forty-five minute lessons

£295. Save £65

Young woman suffering with back pain, sitting on a couch and holding her lower back with hand. Axial pain, backache

Pain Freedom Pathway

  • If pain is your main motivation for learning Alexander Technique, I recommend my Pain Freedom course.
  • Combines online one-to-one lessons with an online course and group support. This is an incredibly high value course which will give you life long results.

Why a 6 lesson plan?

Learning Alexander technique is like learning a language or a musical instrument: you need to do a number of lessons to be able to use it for yourself.

I like to give a minimum of 6 lessons as I feel that gives you a solid set of skills.

You can quickly learn the basics and start using them in your daily life – at home, at work or at play. You will become aware of your posture and unconscious reactions – and start to change them. You will soon start experiencing easier movement with less tension and pain. You can make friends with your body again!

I use step-by-step explanations, movement games and verbal feedback to help you get in touch with your body. Lessons are relaxing, engaging and go at the right pace for you. I give you clear ‘homework’ to work on between lessons to allow you to integrate your learning into your life.

If you get the bug and want to continue your learning, you can purchase further blocks of 6 lessons. 

To give you a guide, for people with long standing pain and mobility issues usually find they need 12 or more lessons to get skilled up to maintain themselves well for the long term. But once you have those skills, you will never need to pay anyone else to adjust you, tune you up, or even soothe you with massage etc ever again.

Even with just a few lessons you can learn an incredible amount about your own body and how you ‘use’ yourself, and make great strides to improving your wellbeing.

How on-line lessons work

Alexander technique is traditionally taught with at least a component of touch, which is used to help cue, guide and support. However, many teachers have been teaching successfully online for many years, even pre-pandemic.

Alexander Technique on-line has some advantages:

  • You may find you develop independence more quickly, as you have to work out how to use your body differently without the support of my hands. You will get lots of clear verbal cues and will play little movement ‘games’ to work out how to change your habits.
  • You will have a recording of the lesson to go back to, and can observe yourself and how you change in a lesson.
  • You can attend lessons from the comfort of your own home. This is not only convenient, it also means you can show me your desk set up or kitchen, for instance, so we can troubleshoot issues you are having in the places where you are doing them

Your lesson will be live, and face to face. 

You will need a good internet connection, and laptop or PC. Phones can work for occasional or informal sessions but don’t really work for a lesson. You will need a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.

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