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Tense, stressed or in pain?
Want to move with ease?

Allowing you to move freely and live comfortably, the Alexander Technique is an invaluable skill for life long self care.

In 25 years of struggling with back pain, I’ve never come across such a helpful and life changing course, which has positively influenced the way I manage daily life and shifted my mindset and beliefs in ways to support myself better. It’s been transformational and I would recommend this to anyyone who feels they have tried everything and given up on hope. It’s great to do the course at your own pace and with homework to integrate the learning. Thank you so much! – Chloe

Many treatments help pain temporarily, but Alexander Technique is different. It helps you change for the long term, and because it is something you learn rather than is done to you, it puts you in control of your well being.

Alexander Technique is a gentle, detailed approach to how you move and react. We often hold excess muscular tension, due to stress, or habits in our ways of moving, sitting or standing. This can exacerbate pain and interfere with easy movement.

I can show you how to reduce this unnecessary muscular effort and establish better habits, to take care of yourself. You won’t have to use special equipment or do exercises, just put a bit more thought into what you do so that you can optimise how you use your body.  FIND OUT MORE HERE.

Alexander Technique was shown to be effective in reducing pain and increasing function in back pain long term in a large NHS funded trial see results here.

The tendinitus I’d had in my shoulder disappeared & I finally had the courage to go on a long walk which I hadn’t done for years & I didn’t have the usual back pain. I feel empowered & now fit the techniques Mireille has taught me into my daily schedule. Tina L

Move from pain to ease

Whether you are hoping to recover from chronic pain, or manage long term conditions such as hEDS or arthritis you need to address mind and body, movement and habits. I can help you build up capacity so you can do the important things in your life.

Pace Yourself with the Alexander Technique

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