Move from pain to ease with back to active

Tried exercise and all the therapies for pain?

Move from pain to ease with back to active

Tried exercise and all the therapies for pain?

The missing steps to finally recover from persistent pain​

Back to active helps busy professionals overcome their pain 

A lot of what is advised for chronic pain has little or no evidence to support it. This includes a lot of mainstream stuff that you have probably tried. Cut through the nonsense and get straight to the life long solution.

Are you struggling with back/neck/other MSK pain?

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You’ve tried all the exercises, done yoga or pilates. You try to keep active, but exercise doesn’t seem to really work for you.

You’ve been to chiropractors or osteopaths, tried acupuncture or massage, but you have only had temporary relief at best.

Are you starting to think you will just have to live with this pain from now on, but you aren’t ready to give up hope?

What if, instead of another therapy or exercise, you could learn a life skill that makes everything easier?

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With Alexander Technique you learn how to:

  • Break restrictive movement habits and move with ease and freedom.
  • Notice if your posture is triggering your pain, and to have an easy poise instead of a rigid alignment.
  • Calm down those stress responses that get ramped up when you are in pain.
  • Stop winding your pain up by being tense, and truly rest when you want to rest.

In 25 years of struggling with back pain, I’ve never come across such a helpful and life changing course, which has positively influenced the way I manage daily life and shifted my mindset and beliefs in ways to support myself better. It’s been transformational and I would recommend this to anyone who feels they have tried everything and given up on hope. Thank you so much!


Get started on the road to recovery today


Start sorting your pain today

Use the daily practice of Active Rest as the first step in your recovery. Learn to relax properly and let go of muscle tension you didn’t even know you had.

Retrain your posture and calm your frazzled nervous system. All this from a simple lie down!

My Active Rest mini-course gives you step by step instructions to get started on getting your back. neck, or other MSK pain better today


Join us!

In the back to active facebook group you join a warm, positive community.

For science, medical and health related professionals who want an evidenced-based approach to pain – not more of the BS that is out there.

Practical tips on using movement to help pain and  self care of the practical non-fluffy variety. All presented in a way you can actually use around a busy stressful job. 

We are hypermobile/hEDS friendly.

Join today and get my free guide: Why exercise isn’t working for your pain: The missing steps in pain recovery.


Let’s talk

I offer a free, no obligation, exploratory call to discuss your needs and goals.

You have probably tried all sorts of therapies and exercises and are wary about trying yet another thing.

If you give me a call, I promise it will be a valuable use of your time. Even if you don’t end up working with me, I will help you work out your next steps to get out of  pain, poor posture or problem movement patterns.

Are you ready to make changes to shift your pain?

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