Resources for self-help for pain

The missing steps to finally recover from chronic pain

  • Have you tried exercise for your pain?
  • And all the therapies?
  • Has the advice stopped there, and you are left with nothing to help?
  • There is so much more out there to help you recover from persistent pain, and manage chronic pain conditions way better. 
  • My free resource will set out why exercise doesn’t always work (but movement is still part of the solution), and what those missing steps are on the way to finally recovering from persistent pain, and give you tips to get your started on the road to recovery.

Active Rest: the best self help strategy for pain

  • Do you struggle to rest, even though you need to?
  • Do you have tense muscles?
  • Do you wish you had a tool to settle your back or neck pain?

Then Active Rest is for you!

My FREE mini course will get you started with one of the best self help for back pain habits you can get.

You will learn to:

  • Dial down muscle tension
  • Cause shifts in muscle tone that improve posture.. 
  • Use small bits of time to make a big difference to your pain, so you can do more.

Active Rest has been a lifeline for me. Tackling a degree in midlife is never easy, but doing it in the middle of a pandemic caused all kinds of stress that I hadn’t bargained for. This had a knock-on effect on my pain levels. Being able to rest in ‘neutral’ allowed me to connect with my body. I could then release the tension I was holding in my shoulders and pelvis and get the sleep I needed to get through. I’m close to the end of my course now, and I know I couldn’t have done it without Active Rest to fall back on. 


Join our Community!

If you are a vet or health related professional you have some extra challenges when it comes to overcoming pain. A physically and emotionally draining job, and long hours.

My FREE facebook group is there to help you take positive action to recover from your pain, in a way that can work in your situation.

This is help that is steeped in science. Movement and posture tips. Pain myth busting.

A friendly positive place to get help, not a complain fest like other pain support groups you might have tried. Come and join us!


Useful websites

For more information on hypermobility and the Alexander technique from rheumatologist Dr. Phillip Bull see here.

If you want an overview on the current science of pain (summary: its weird), this is a great website. This article includes a link to an excellent TED talk, and lets you dive into all the references and subtopics if that’s how you roll.

For a wide range of information on the Alexander Technique and it’s many applications see here.

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