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Private Lessons in Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a practical method that helps tension, pain and stress. It is different to many other treatments, mainly because it isn’t passive, it’s something you learn to apply for yourself. I will help you look in detail at the ‘how’ of what of what you do, to find ways of doing activities with less pain and tension.

It helps you to:

·        maintain natural good posture without bracing and holding.

·        Unwind more quickly and effectively, and prevent stress building up in the first place.

·         Manage pain, by giving you a different way to respond and tools for settling the pain.

·        Move with more confidence and reduce the “guarding” response that often develops in response to pain.

Alexander Technique helps you to make changes in deep seated habits in the way you use your body. It is not a quick fix, it is about real lasting change.

Are you ready to make changes to your pain, wellbeing and movement? Private lessons are available to book now. Simply contact me using the details at the top of the page.

Why Private Lessons? Can I just go to group classes?

Alexander Technique is a way of retraining yourself, and changing the way we move according to habits that have developed over years, and often your whole lifetime.

An important part of the learning process is gentle hands-on guidance.  You obviously get a lot more of this in an individual lesson, so people tend to see faster and clearer changes when they work one-on-one.

Classes are fun and cheaper, but it takes a lot longer to see changes. Although you can improve your progress by working on your own between sessions, and seeing other’s experiences can help you too.

Individual lessons are more intense and you learn at your own pace. It is the detailed personalised work where you will make most progress.

If you are struggling with chronic pain or another condition this individual attention can be especially helpful. I will make allowances for your needs in a group session and always keep anything you tell me confidential. However, in an individual lesson, we can acknowledge where things might be more difficult for you and together we can work out how Alexander Technique can help you, or how we can modify things to help you live the best life you can.

I recommend starting with individual lessons to learn the principles and about your own habits, then classes afterwards to keep the technique as part of everyday life. This seems to be the most effective way integrating Alexander Technique into life for most people, while keeping costs down.

Shared Lessons

Sharing lessons with a friend or partner means you can have some individual work and also have a buddy to encourage you in-between lessons. It helps to have someone to talk to about your new discoveries: starting the technique can be exciting and occasionally confusing! This can work well with the right person. Ask me about shared lessons: I can adapt length and format of lessons to suit your shared goals.

Basic Course

To give you a initial basic grounding in the Alexander Technique I recommend a minimum of 8 lessons. So, after your initial lesson you could take advantage of my 8 for the price of 7 offer, and start learning what a difference Alexander Technique can make your wellbeing.

I aim to give you the skills to practise the technique for yourself as much as possible, as early as possible. The more you use your new skills e.g. by having a daily lie down (semi-supine), the more you will get out of your lessons.

You can also maximise your progress by having your lessons closer together. Our old habits creep in in-between lessons! 2 or more lessons a week could really kick start change, but I will work around what your schedule allows.

I will give you materials to support your learning between and after lessons.

My aim is to help you feel more in control of whatever ache or pain or condition that has brought you to me. I feel I have done my job when you tell me you don’t need me anymore! This can take a variable amount of lessons, but I am looking for you to feel confident that you can take care of yourself: it’s what the technique is all about.

Try your first lesson half price, where I give you extra time to discuss your needs and goals. To book, simply call or email me using the details blow.


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For how many lessons you might need, or more questions about the technique: see here