Active Rest

Active Rest

This is semi-supine.  It’s the position we use to practise what we call “active rest”.

Active rest is time out for you to take care of yourself for just a few minutes a day.

Lying down in the position pictures is great for releasing tight muscles, especially in the lower back and shoulders. Having some quiet focused time each day helps if you tend to get wound up or anxious too.

15‐20 minutes a day would be great, but even 5 minutes is helpful to help reset your background levels of muscular tension.

The name “active rest” refers to this practice being relaxing, but it’s not about going to sleep. You are doing active thinking about your body to bring about gradual change  i.e. to make you less tense and have more body awareness. This is training your nervous system so that you will more relaxed when up and about and moving too.

We tend to pull ourselves down and “crunch” up in response to stress. Lying down in this way is an opportunity to undo tight muscles and let yourself get back to your natural height.

Getting into a daily habit of a few minutes Active Rest is a great start for managing pain, stress or tension.

In lessons I can help you to get so much more out of your time in Active Rest, and learn how to move with more ease too.

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